Most people call on St Charles heating and cooling professionals when an HVAC system suddenly stops working or there is an obvious sign something isn’t operating as expected. But there are other equally compelling reasons to have a heating and cooling system checked by trained technicians. Pay particular attention to the four signs discussed below to get a better idea of when it’s time for HVAC maintenance and an honest assessment of what’s going on with your system.

1. Your Utility Bills Are Steadily Climbing

If your gas or electric bills are starting to go up for no apparent reason, it could be because your HVAC system is working harder than it has to. It could also be a sign that you may have dirty or clogged filters or parts that need to be replaced or adjusted.

2. You Have an Aging HVAC System

Simply having an older heating and cooling system that’s been around for 15-20 years or more doesn’t always mean it’s time for an entirely new system. If you have older heating and cooling components, however, being more proactive with regular maintenance may extend your system’s lifespan.

3. Some Rooms Are Always Uncomfortable

An HVAC system that’s functioning properly should evenly cool and heat all parts of your home. If you’re noticing that certain rooms in your home never seem to be entirely comfortable, it could mean there’s something going on with compressors, blower motors, and other key HVAC components or related parts like your vents.

4. You Are Noticing Irregular Cycles

Any type of HVAC equipment that’s functioning properly should have even operating cycles that are generally the same length. If you are noticing increasingly frequent or short cycles, it could be a sign that internal parts are starting to wear out. Or you may have a thermostat that needs some attention from St Charles heating and cooling specialists. Dirty or clogged filters can further contribute to this problem.

Reduced indoor air quality that’s contributing to allergies and respiratory problems and increasingly noisy operations can also be reason enough to request assistance from St Charles heating and cooling technicians. Taking care of smaller issues sooner rather than later increases your odds of benefiting from fewer repair surprises, lower utility bills, and more efficient heating and cooling.

4 Signs It’s Time for HVAC Maintenance