The partial or complete failure of the foundation of your home may seem to happen out of the blue, but there are signs to look for before disaster strikes. You may be able to spot trouble early and minimize damage. Below are six main problems that foundation failure causes.

Full or Partial Basement Wall Collapse

A severe foundation failure can involve the partial or complete collapse of a basement wall. It causes instability in the structure, and you will not be able to reside in the home until addressing the problem.Separation of Walls and Floors

Any area of the home that is experiencing uneven settling or a foundation failure will show signs that there is a problem. One common clue is a wall that separates from the floor. If you can see gaps down to the basement, or crawlspace, the foundation needs to be fixed.

Cracks In Walls and Doorways

Diagonal cracks that appear along walls, in ceilings and doorways are indications that the house is settling in a way that causes a variance in elevation. One part of the room is set higher than the other. The cracks will worsen over time. It can lead to electrical issues, plaster failure, and complete wallboard destruction.

Difficulty Opening Windows and Doors

If windows and doors are difficult to budge and only shut through extreme force, it is an indication that something is going on with the foundation. Stress can be relieved and the doors and windows made operational again by stabilizing and leveling the foundation. It is critical to get this problem dealt with before the pressure is so enormous that something cracks and causes further damage.

Extensive Roof Damage

The costs for repairing a foundation go up dramatically when it also involves the roof. Cracks and separation of portions of the roof subject the interior of your home to damage from all weather conditions. Investigate bowing, cracks, and separations when spotted.

Collapsed Flooring

Cracks in floor support systems and wall separation leave the surface vulnerable to collapse. It is dangerous when the floor covers a full basement. The drop can be quite dramatic and injure anyone that is present. Everything in the room can go spiraling down into a heap. The damages can be tremendous. Never delay having the foundation inspected when a problem appears.

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6 Problems Caused By Foundation Failure