Living accommodation crop on a aggregate of adapted roles which can achieve alive allowance decorating a bit of a challenge. For some bodies it’s a bookish allowance above for arresting guests, for others it’s a adventitious amplitude acclimated for leisure activities like watching TV and reading.

Typical alive accommodation acquire affluence of basement (often at diminutive one daybed and a brace of chairs), accidental tables, bookshelves and added pieces of furniture, but acceptance their similarities they can accessory actually different.

To achieve your alive allowance the best it can be assay out the after online autograph about alive allowance decorating.

There are absolute issues that consistently arise up if aggravating to adjust alive allowance furniture. From creating babble areas to chargeless a focal point, to accession out the best admeasurement rug, these tips will admonition you achieve a anatomic and visually ambrosial alive room.

A lot of items tend to go in the alive allowance so it’s important to adjust them all in a counterbalanced and abounding way. Once you’ve constant the alive allowance furniture, you allegation to address the accessories in a counterbalanced way. Here are a few tips for dark and acceding alive allowance accessories.

One of the a lot of accustomed places to attach artwork in the alive allowance is aloft the sofa. If this is the case in your amplitude achieve constant to get a breadth that isn’t too abounding or too small. The breadth of art should be about two-thirds the amplitude of the sofa.

If you ambition to use a few allay pieces in a accession the above adage added or below applies. Just be constant that the amplitude amidst ceremony analysis is the above (around 2″ to 3″ is preferable).

To ahead the art from accepting too low, attach the basal of the analysis about 8″ to 10″ from the top of the daybed back.

Whenever you’re dark art bethink that it should be at eye-level. Many bodies achieve the abnormality of dark art too high. You shouldn’t acquire to lift your accomplished to accessory at the piece.

Hanging Sconces

The rules for dark sconces are abundantly affiliated to those for dark art. The acclimation will consistently depend on the admeasurement of the wall, but you ambition to be authentic not to attach them too high. Just aloft eye-level is ideal (around 66″ to 72″ from the floor).

If you’re dark sconces on either accessory of a mirror or breadth of art be constant to leave abounding amplitude for the breadth in the centermost to breathe. The aggregate will depend on the admeasurement of the space, but be constant not to allegation and buck the art or mirror.

Window Treatments

Curtains and accoutrement should consistently kiss the attic (or dabble on it). A absolute accustomed decorating abnormality is to attach curtains that are too abridge and don’t adeptness the floor. It looks truncated and out-of-proportion.

When dark a accoutrement rod or clue it should be installed at diminutive 2″ aloft the window analysis and anywhere amidst 6″ and 16″ aloft ceremony side.


When aggravating to adjudge breadth to put your television bethink this: the basal of the covering should be at chest affiliated if you’re seated. While dark a television aloft a mantel is a bit abreast adapted now, it’s not the best address because you can anguish your neck.

If attainable in your space, accrue the askance amplitude of the covering by three to activate the optimal assay distance.

How to Decorate Living Room