When you go to bed at night, your refrigerator, freezer, and ice maker may be working just fine.  Sometime during the middle of the night, however, you might hear a grinding noise or smell burnt rubber and realize that one of these appliances has malfunctioned.

You cannot wait until morning to have serious disrepair addressed.  For the safety of your kitchen and the comfort of your family, you need to have it fixed now.  You can get the around-the-clock help you need by contacting a 24/7 handyman company, a Miami sub zero repair service, or on-call appliance fix-it business.


Thorough Inspection and Diagnosis


When the repairman arrives, you may not be able to tell him or her what exactly is wrong with the appliance.  All you know at this point is that it is making a weird nose, smells odd, and no longer keeps your food or beverages cold.

Despite your lack of details, you can still get prompt diagnostics performed on the appliance in question.  The repair professional can listen to the motor, use a flashlight to look inside the coils and interior, and find out what hoses or filters are being burned.

This contractor can then tell you what is wrong and what it is going to take to make the necessary fix.  As long as you agree and the repair person has the parts, you can have the work done on your time table.  Your appliance may even be back to working normal by sunrise.


You may hesitate to give the okay because you fear the expense of the repair.  However, the service professional can give you a quote for the amount and get your approval before starting the work.  You never have to pay for anything that you do not agree to or cannot afford.

Preventing Overheating and Malfunctions

Sometimes the most common of malfunctions take place because the appliance owners did not know how to properly care for their freezers, fridges, or ice makers.  These appliances operate in part on how well they can move cold air around the unit.

When you pack too many items inside the appliance, you prevent cold air from being able to move around and flow.  The lack of space causes the engine to overheat and the food to get warm.  You can prevent malfunctions in the future by packing your fridges and freezers to maximize air flow.

Around-the-clock Help for Your Vital Kitchen Appliances