The demand placed today on business owners to increase efficiency is unprecedented. They are challenged to continually improve productivity to fend off competitors who are now located all over the world, instead of only in their own neighborhoods. This has led to constant upgrades in every business area and a goal to get these upgrades implemented before the competitors can use them to their advantage.

There is no area of a business that is exempt from efficiency upgrades and sometimes the areas less thought about can actually mean the most in improving a company’s bottom line.

Replacing the Company Air Conditioner

It is a proven fact that maintaining an ideal consistent temperature in a work environment can greatly contribute to the productivity of the workers. If you have ever worked in or even visited an office, storefront or factory where the AC was either down or barely functioning, you know what a morale killer it is for anyone in that environment. If the air conditioning unit is older or not functioning efficiently it will often release damp or warm air. A new air conditioning unit will release consistently release cool low humidity air that can literally pick up the morale of employees and make them feel motivated to do their jobs. New air conditioners are now much more efficient that those sold only fifteen years ago. Whether you purchase a ducted air conditioner or one with a ductless multi-split system, you can get better quality air and higher worker productivity, while you save lots of money on your company electricity bills.

Purchase a Hosted PBX Phone System

Virtual PBX sometimes called VOIP phone systems are virtual phone systems that gives any sized business the most advanced phone services available. These systems are easy to install and do not require the considerable cost outlay that traditional phone systems require. All of the phone equipment is owned and maintained by the hosting company and all your company has to purchase is a router and the phone handsets. Upgrading services is easy and so is moving the phone system to new offices. VOIP phone systems include some of the most desirable features including:

  • Virtual Phone Assistant
  • Caller ID
  • Music on Hold
  • Conference Calls including remote locations
  • Call Recording
  • Call Routing
  • Voicemal
  • Live Call Monitoring / Training

Virtual PBX phone systems improve worker productivity by giving them a cutting dge tool that sits at the heart of all company communications. If you have multiple offices or worker who work from the field or at home, you can extend all of the phone system’s features to them no matter where they are in the country.

Efficiency at your business will surely mean the difference between being and not being profitable. Use the ideas written about here to help your company to improve efficiency and it will improve your bottom line considerably.

Critical Areas for Building Business Efficiency