Despite their size, small businesses are often at the top of the proverbial chain when it comes to successes in the business world. However, sometimes it can be challenging to properly market and advertise for a small business, especially if you happen to be on a tight budget. But it can be done. Here are a few methods for marketing a small business without emptying your bank account.

P.S. With whatever marketing method you choose, make sure you utilize a contract management system to keep track of advert techniques and marketplace fluctuations.

Create and Maintain a Stellar Business Blog with Relevant Backlinks and Re-Share Value

Most blogs are free to begin, but you have to shell out for fees and affiliates. This can run you a few hundred dollars per month—but it’s worth it if you have stellar content with relevant backlinks. The aim of a business blog is to garner re-shares, because re-shares keep your business in a steady supply of new, interested, prospective customers.

Invest in Free Marketing Avenues, such as Social Media Updates and Business Email Accounts

Another pair of freebies are social media accounts and business email accounts. Business emails can be setup in regular email networks, like Google or Yahoo, then established as business with the click of a button in settings. The same can be said for social media networks. Use relevant backlinks, keywords, and helpful, engaging contact in your social media updates. Then shell out a few bucks to get those updates sponsored, which is when your updates keep showing up as toppers on someone’s social media feed.

Consider Networking with Other Local Businesses

No doubt, other local businesses are having the same issues with modern marketing methods. Link up. Consult with these businesses to find your strengths, then network together. You can vouch for their business via social media, and they can vouch for yours. It’s a win-win that draws attention for customers of multiple marketplaces.

Go the Freebie Route with Printable Adverts on Public Bulletin Boards and Store Windows

This one is sort of a freebie, but you still have to cash out in paper and ink for your printable adverts. Make fliers, then go around to store windows and public bulletin boards to leave your advertisements. This is a classic marketing technique, but it still works for small businesses.

Another unique marketing method is to donate your time and business services or wares to charitable events and causes. Your name will go on the public roster for donations, allowing other volunteers to find your business via social media or Google information. Plus, your business will be associated with doing a good deed for those in need.

How to Locally Market for a Small Business on a Tight Budget