Living in an area that has strict building codes or owning a property with limited extra space might have you scrambling to find a location for your much-needed home addition. Placing additional rooms over your garage is a workable solution if you keep a few basics in mind.

Foundation and Structural Strength

Before an addition enters serious planning for placement over a garage, you need an expert to inspect the foundation and see if it is deep enough and strong enough to withstand the weight of the extra rooms. You will also need to explore the construction of the garage. It might need to be reinforced to support your addition.

Insulation and Fire Protection

Every interior wall and ceiling of the garage needs covering with fire-proof drywall often referred to as “X” board. You are not allowed to keep wall frames and electrical wires out in the open if there are usable living spaces built on top of the garage. It is the perfect time to add insulation to the walls and ceiling of the garage to help moderate the temperature of the upstairs.

Adding or Detracting from Curb Appeal

Careful design will need to happen to try and match the architecture of the addition with the overall theme of the house. It is a great time to slap a new coat of paint on the entire exterior or go with a new siding for a uniform appearance.

Will you require plumbing?

Adding plumbing can seem tricky if not incorporated into your initial plans. You want it accessible for repairs, but out of the way for aesthetics. Your home improvement specialists will know how to add the plumbing necessary in a way that allows easy access but is not apparent.

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Is a Home Addition Over Your Garage the Best Choice of Locations?