Curtains or curtains can not only be mounted on windows. Now the curtains have many functions that can beautify your home room.

One type of curtain that became a trend in the interior world is portiere. This curtain is usually installed at the front door to give the impression of luxury as well as elegant in the room.

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You can be creative with portiere to give a different touch to the interior of the house. What is portiere function? This inspiration as quoted from.

  1. Decoration on Door

For the main door or the front door, you can use a large curtain with extra straps. The pleated accents on the top give the impression of royal and luxurious. Choose soft colors like dusty blue or light yellow to avoid excessive look.

  1. Room Separator

Portiere curtain can also be a room divider if your home does not have a permanent screen. Using a curtain as a room divider can also save expenses for home renovation. Place the curtains as wide as the room and make it a partition between living room and living room, TV room and dining room, or whatever you want.

  1. Creating Privacy

Linen curtains can be used to cover areas of privacy within the home. For example the bathroom, the sheath of the bed in the room or when there is a corner of the house to be used as a work space.

  1. Storage Space

For a minimalist home, you can use portiere curtains as storage space. Place a large shelf to put various items or furniture, then the cover with the curtain.

Tips on Arranging Houses with Curtains That Become Interior Trends 2018