Rustic wooden design and decor is one of the most popular decorating options among home owners currently. Wood has a very natural look and brings earthy tones into the home. Wood is also incredibly affordable, with salvaged wood being some of the most beautiful and cheapest material to build or decorate with.

Picture Frames

For an easy decorating idea involving wood, try some purchased or handmade wooden picture frames. These frames are a great way to put family pictures on display, while adding a natural element to the home. Wooden frames can be painted or stained, or they can be left to show off their natural wood grain. Wooden frames are actually quite an easy do-it-yourself project.

Coffee Tables & Shelving

There are many ideas floating around online for do-it-yourself coffee tables and shelving made from untreated or salvaged lumber. These beautiful wooden pieces compliment many different color schemes and styles of furniture. Due to the popularity of rustic wooden furniture, these pieces can also be found very easily in the hands of local woodworkers.

Flooring Options

Wooden flooring is timeless, beautiful, and affordable. Rustic planks make gorgeous flooring, whether they were made to look rustic or were patiently salvaged from an old barn or farm house. Once beautiful rustic wood is laid down, it will need to be sealed and protected from stains and scratches. However, wooden floors tend to last for a very long time and add to a home’s value.

Ceiling Beams

One last wonderful decorating project includes adding wooden ceiling beams to the home. Large Cedar beams might be a bit more expensive, but they add a beautiful touch to the home and smell wonderful. Beams can open up a small space and make it feel very luxurious and welcoming. Local sawmills should be able to direct a homeowner in the right direction for affordable wooden beams.

Adding wooden accents and decor to a house is a timeless and elegant way to make the house a home. Since wood can be sourced so cheaply, it makes it a wonderful option for first time home owners on a budget.

Using Rustic Wood to Decorate the Home